Ventilating your home during summer: This is how you do it!

To maintain a relaxed and comfortable indoor climate in your home during the summer, it is important to ventilate your home properly. In this way, you can maintain a pleasant indoor climate despite the neighbours' barbecue, a heat wave or a pollen allergy flare-up. After reading this blog, you will know all the tips and tricks for airing your home during the summer!

ventileren in de zomer

Why ventilate your home in summer? 

The situation inside the house is as unaffected as possible by what happens outside when you mechanically ventilate. The temperature, humidity and odours in the house remain more stable if you can keep windows and doors closed while the airflow is controlled by an MVHR unit.

The continuous removal of used air and supply of cool, filtered air is a relief. Summer heat, particles, pollen and odours are kept out. It is so pleasant.

Ventilating against the sun

Other ways to keep cool include closing curtains and blinds or using an awning. It takes very little time for the sun's rays to raise the temperature indoors.

Combined with good insulation and ventilation, keeping the sun out will ensure cooler nights and a more restful sleep. That means a better start to the day for you and your housemates.

Mechanical ventilation in summer 

Mechanical ventilation in summer is also good for people with hay fever or another form of pollen allergy. As pollen is dispersed by the wind, it enters your home through an open window or door.

The best way to keep pollen out is to keep windows and doors closed and to ventilate with an MVHR unit that contains pollen filters. These can trap smaller particles of dust, including pollen. This is due to the higher filter class. An added benefit is that they are better at keeping out fine dust all year round. That means breathing space for everyone.

Tips from experts

By installing a CO2 monitor, you can make adjustments; add ventilation or improve humidity. Fresh air stays fresh if filters and ducts are clean.

The maintenance of a ventilation system (MV or MVHR) is important. This will keep the system in good working order and give you more enjoyment for longer.

Let the carefree summer begin!

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