Air purifier

The air purifiers feature a screen module or touchscreen. The air purifier is equipped with multiple modes so you can always set the purifier to a suitable mode via the touchscreen. This allows you to instantly adjust the setting of your air purifier to your liking. The modern and trendy design of the Air Purifier makes it suitable for any indoor area. The air purifier's consumption is also incredibly low, allowing you to save energy costs on your ventilation system and also benefit from a healthy indoor climate.


Air cleaner replacement filter

The air purifiers are suitable for many different indoor spaces. The indoor air purifier can be used as an air purifier for bedroom, air purifier living room or air purifier bathroom. The air purifier ensures that the polluted air in the room is purified and filtered 360°. After this, the fresh and healthy air is also distributed 360° in the selected room again. The air purifier is easy to move via wheels or a convenient handle, so you can easily place the air purifier in any room in the house.

Replacing HEPA filter

The air purifier is equipped with a HEPA 13 filter, this HEPA filter removes all bad and harmful substances such as pollen, viruses and fine dust from the air. The HEPA filters are equipped with the highest quality materials and operation, allowing you to ventilate as many as 99% of viruses such as Covid from the home or room with the use of an air purifier fine dust. After about 1 year, the HEPA filters + UV lamp need to be replaced to keep the cleaner working properly. With the replacement kit for Rensair air purifier at Intovent, you can swap the worn and old filter for a brand new one within minutes.

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