Looking for a wall fan or window fan?

They take up little space and can change the air in a short time: with a wall and/or window fan, you can create a healthy indoor climate in any room. If you want to buy a wall fan or a window fan, do your research to make the right choice. We will be happy to help you.

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What is a wall fan?

A wall fan is a fan installed in the wall. They are installed without a duct and have a direct connection to the outside. A characteristic feature of wall fans is their high capacity: they are capable of moving large volumes of air relatively quickly. This makes them suitable not only for homes, but also for shops, workshops and restaurant kitchens, for example.

What is a window fan?

A window fan is similar to a wall fan. The main difference is where the fan is mounted: in the wall or in the window. In terms of functionality, the options are similar. If you want to install a window fan, the first step is to choose the right fan. The choice is vast, so it is important not to lose sight.

Looking for the right wall fan or window fan

From small window fans to quiet wall fans, there is a wide range of fans to choose from. To help you choose the right window or wall fan, consider the following criteria:

  • Application. In what kind of room and how will the fan be placed? For example, are you looking for a built-in wall fan or is a surface-mounted window wall fan a more appropriate choice?
  • Noise. Modern fans work relatively quietly. A quiet wall-mounted fan or a quiet window fan is therefore quite normal these days. At Intovent, you are in the right place for both types anyway.
  • Control. Are you looking for an automatic or a manual fan? A wall or window fan with a cord gives you complete control over when it is running.
  • Looks. The look is important too. There are several designs to choose from, so choose the window or wall fan that suits the room.

Purchasing a wall fan

On this page you will find the high quality wall and window fans from Intovent. Choose from a built-in wall fan or a small window fan. Good to know: it is also possible to choose a window fan that is suitable for both wall and window. Buying a wall or window fan is a matter of a few clicks, but of course it is important that you choose a fan that suits your needs. If you want to make sure of this, contact us for personalised advice.


Mounting a wall fan or window fan

In principle, a wall fan can be installed in any external wall. A window fan is installed in a window, often through single or double glass. You don't have to worry about air ducts and this gives you flexibility: you can place the fan wherever you want. Tip: A wall or window fan should preferably be mounted as high as possible to ensure proper operation.


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