What is an in-line fan?

An in-line fan is exactly what it sounds like: a fan that can be install in or between ducts. An in-line fan is installed in an air duct or spiral duct. It is characterised by circular connections for air intake and exhaust. An in-line fan contributes to healthy air quality and prevents moisture and mould problems. An in-line fan does what it is supposed to do without being very noticeable. This combination is often appreciated.

Capacity in-line fan

The in-line fan has a clear function: to move air. Ventilation is essential for any indoor space. The type of in-line fan best suited to a space depends primarily on its capacity The three most common in-line fans are:

  • 100 mm in-line fan: ideal for small spaces such as a toilet or bathroom.
  • 125 mm in-line fan: the most popular size, suitable for both small and slightly larger spaces.
  • 150 mm in-line fan: a great choice for larger spaces such as a living room or loft.
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Buying an in-line fan

Looking for a suitable in-line fan? There is a wide range of in-line fans available. Ask yourself the following questions to help you make the right choice:

  1. What type of space will the in-line fan be used in? In other words, how much capacity do you need? The larger the space, the larger the diameter.
  2. What noise level is acceptable? A quiet in-line fan is obviously preferable, but you will usually have different requirements for use in a garage than in a kitchen.
  3. What control requirements do you have? From timer to thermostat to speed control, an in-line fan can be fitted with all sorts of useful features.
  4. How are you going to install the in-line fan? Although an in-line fan is versatile, it must be adapted to the specific situation. Sometimes only horizontal or rather vertical installation is possible. Check that the intended in-line fan is compatible.
  5. What is the desired power consumption? Over the years, in-line fans have become increasingly energy efficient, but there are of course differences. Bear this in mind.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities? Do not hesitate to contact Intovent. We will be happy to provide you with tailored advice to help you choose the right in-line fan for you.

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Buisventilator Lineo 125 V0

Installing an in-line fan

An in-line fan is not a complicated product. A handy do-it-yourselfer can handle it well. However, installation should be done with care and consideration. Be aware that there is always some loss of efficiency with an in-line fan. It is important to minimise this, for example by keeping the ductwork as short as possible and minimising the number of bends.

Want to be sure that your in-line fan is running at optimum efficiency? Then let one of our professional technicians help you with the installation of an in-line fan.

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From wall and window fans to bathroom ventilation, Intovent has a solution for every ventilation need. All our in-line fans are manufactured by the quality brand Vortice. Would you like to know more about our products and services? Contact Intovent and discover the possibilities.

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