The usefulness of roof vents

Proper ventilation requires the effective removal of polluted air and the supply of fresh outside air. Roof vents are ideal for this purpose. Roof vents are often used in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Also, in rooms where there is no central ventilation system, a fan is often installed and the polluted air is exhausted through a roof vent. Roof vents are also used to remove odours and gases.

What types of roof vents are there?

Roof vents come in many varieties. Some types of roof vents are suitable for extracting air, while others are also suitable for supplying air. Intovent has several types of roof vents in its range. Suitable for both flat and pitched roofs. Select by diameter, brand and material to find the right roof vent. Would you like tailored advice? Please contact our customer service department.

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Roof vent mechanical ventilation

The essence of mechanical ventilation is that the air is refreshed automatically. Clean air is supplied and polluted air is extracted. Many mechanical ventilation systems are connected to a roof vent. It is important that the roof vent is suitable for both ventilation and exhaustion. The Intovent range offers several options in a variety of diameters.

Roof vent MVHR

Is the roof vent to be used with an MVHR unit? Then choose an insulated roof vent. An insulated roof vent ensures that condensation does not form, preventing water from entering the roof vent. Condensation forms because the outside air is colder than the inside air. The roof vent specifications detail the functionality of each MVHR roof vent.

Roof terminal
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Roof vent of a pitched roof

Are you installing a roof vent on a pitched roof? Then make sure you have a flashing and roof terminal. These will allow you to correct the pitch to ensure the roof vent is installed correctly. Would you like to know more about a roof vent for a pitched roof? Contact us for tailored advice.

Roof vent of a flat roof 

You can also install a roof vent on a flat roof. When installing a roof vent on a flat roof, you will always need a flashing. A flashing allows you to make the connection to the roof watertight.

roof gutter-bitumen-flat-intovent

What type of roof vent do I need?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a type of roof vent. The main criteria are:

  1. Vent pipe diameter: This is the guiding principle when sizing a roof vent.
  2. Type of roof: Get the right materials for a pitched or flat roof.
  3. Type of ventilation: Select the roof vent that matches the ventilation system. For example, an MVHR roof vent is always insulated, whereas a residential fan roof vent is not. 
  4. Budget: Roof vents are available in different price ranges.
  5. Quality: There are quality differences between different brands of roof vents. With Intovent, you are always assured of A-quality.
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