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Do you have a Zehnder ventilation system? Don't forget to change the MVHR filters regularly. Replacing the filters keeps the indoor climate in your home healthy. Order your Zehnder filters quickly and easily from our webshop. You will also find other brands of MVHR filters here.

Filter ventilation Zehnder

At Intovent, we like to keep things simple. That's why in our webshop you can simply select the right brand and immediately see the matching MVHR filters. This is important because each ventilation system has its own filters. Ordering the right Zehnder filter is just a click away. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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How does an MVHR filter work?

The abbreviation 'MVHR' stands for 'mechanical ventilation heat recovery'. This refers to the process by which the air in the house is heated and purified. Fresh air is brought in from outside through an air duct. At the same time, warm air is extracted from the interior. Both air flows come into contact with a heat exchanger. The name refers to the function: the outside air is heated by the inside air. The fresh air flows into the house and the polluted air flows out. In the heat exchanger, the incoming air is not only heated but also filtered. This requires a filter, such as a Zehnder MVHR filter.


How often should I replace the Zehnder filters?

MVHR filters trap dirt and play an important role in the ventilation system. Over time, MVHR filters become less efficient. This means that air quality will deteriorate and energy consumption will increase (due to increased resistance). There is also a possibility that the unit will make more noise. That is why Intovent recommends replacing the Zehnder filters at least twice a year. This is not only good for your wallet, but also for the indoor climate.

Replacing Zehnder filters

People new to an MVHR unit sometimes wonder if changing the filters is a job for a technician. Rest assured, you can do it yourself. MVHR units are relatively simple to use. Consult the instruction manual and follow the steps described. If you can't do it, don't hesitate to contact us.

Range of MVHR filters Zehnder

Intovent not only offers several brands of MVHR filters, but also several filters per brand. You can choose between individual filters or a Zehnder filter set. The following types of Zehnder filters are available:


Ordering a Zehnder filter

Met Zehnder filters ben je verzekerd van een hoogwaardig WTW-filter. Wil je een Zehnder filter bestellen, overweeg dan om meerdere sets in één keer aan te schaffen. Dan profiteer je namelijk van staffelkorting die kan oplopen tot maar liefst 10%!


With Zehnder filters you are guaranteed a high quality MVHR filter. When you order a Zehnder filter, consider buying several sets at once. This way you can benefit from volume discounts of up to 10%!

More information regarding the Zehnder filters?

Intovent is brand-independent. This is important because it gives us the freedom to carefully select our product range. We work to ensure that our customers receive high quality ventilation solutions. Ordering is simple and delivery times are short. Want to know more about our Zehnder filters? Or do you have another question about ventilation? You can chat, WhatsApp or call us on our contact page.

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