What is a residential fan?

A residential fan, together with ducts, valves and grilles, forms the ventilation system that provides the airflow in your home. The fan, also known as mechanical ventilation fan, controls the removal of polluted, damp indoor air. With a duct system, a fan can ventilate any room in your home. And who does not feel more comfortable in a home with clean air? A fan in your home can help!

Did you know that a properly ventilated homes use less energy? This is because fresh, dry air heats up faster than humid air. So you do not need to heat as much to make your home comfortable, and you will notice the difference in your energy bill. So having fans in your home is not only good for your health, it is also good for your wallet.

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Our range of residential fans

Intovent's product range includes residential fans from Zehnder, Itho Daalderop, Orcon, Buva and more. The wide range means you can find the perfect residential fan for every home. From a residential fan with a humidity sensor to a renovation package, Intovent has it all.

The compact size of all our mechanical exhaust fans makes them easy to install in different locations. For easy and convenient operation, combine your residential fan with a wireless controller. Itho Daalderop, Zehnder and Orcon, among others, offer wireless options for residential fans. Note that your domestic fan should then be suitable for wireless control. Would you like to know if your fan can be controlled wirelessly? Contact us and we will be happy to explain.

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Which residential fan do I need?

When buying a residential fan, you should consider the resistance (Pa) and capacity (m³/h) of the fan. The higher the pressure in the ventilation system, the lower the capacity of the fan. Fans also differ in terms of power supply. For example, there are domestic fans with uroplug/earthed plug and with Perilex plugs. So check carefully what type of sockets you have and choose the right plug.

At Intovent we have fans with a built-in humidity sensor. The humidity sensor ensures automatic ventilation when humidity in a room increases, such as the bathroom.

In addition to domestic fans with a built-in humidity sensor, you will also find fans with CO2 sensors in our range. A home fan controlled by a CO2 sensor ventilates based on the CO2 levels in the air. Are the CO2 levels high? Then the fan will work harder. Very simple, safe and always a healthy indoor climate.

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Buying a residential fan

Are you planning to buy a residential fan for your home? Then Intovent is the right place for you. Would you like some advice? Get in touch with us. Call us on  +31 (0)85 04 10 219 or send an e-mail to info@intovent.nl. Together we can achieve the best possible result. Do you need a technician at home? Our experienced technicians will be happy to visit you to install the residential fan.

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