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Why servicing a mechanical ventilation systems is useful

A mechanical ventilation system keeps the indoor climate healthy. Fresh air is supplied, while moisture and dirt are removed. Want to make the most of it? Then opt for regular ventilation maintenance by a professional.


Benefits of ventilation system maintenance

Regular maintenance and cleaning is good for the life of your mechanical ventilation system. By removing dust, mould and debries, air quality is improved and energy bills are reduced. It is good to know that maintenance is more than just cleaning the unit. It is also important to check all the mechanical components of the ventilation system.


How often should a mechanical ventilation be cleaned?


Want to know more about this topic? You can read the article ’How often should you have a mechanical ventilation cleaned?


Mechanical ventilation maintenance cost

At Intovent, we like to communicate clearly. Below is an overview of exactly what we have to offer. You can choose either a one-off payment or a subscription. A subscription has the advantage of low fixed costs and still ensures an optimally functioning ventilation system, while you benefit from priority when scheduling. Read more in our blog.


Prices include VAT and call-out charges.


Good to know

When you place an order, we will contact you within two working days. Based on your postcode, we will schedule a technician to carry out an expert ventilation service. The duration of the work depends on the type of service required.


Our services are suitable for standard homes (max. 12 valves). Do you have a ceiling higher than 3 metres, or any other special features? Then there is a chance that the ventilation maintenance cannot be carried out or is difficult. In this case, please contact us.

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Why cleaning a mechanical ventilation system?

A mechanical ventilation system ensures that the air in the home is constantly refreshed. Cleaning the ventilation system, air ducts and grilles ensures that polluted air can be removed easily. To ensure the quality of the air, it is advisable to opt for regular maintenance by a professional. With a service subscription, you don't have to worry. Good to know: Mechanical ventilation requires an intensive full service at least every 7 to 8 years.


How can I clean my ventilation system myself?

The ventilation box, grilles and air valves can be kept clean with a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner. Limit cleaning to superficial dirt, as thorough cleaning of a ventilation system requires expert knowledge. Our service technicians have the experience and equipment to clean and reset the system. This is always a bespoke job and needs to be done carefully. Afterwards, there will be a breath of fresh air in the house - literally.


Replacing a Mechanical ventilation 

Ventilation maintenance optimises the life of your system. However, the fact is that every ventilation system needs to be replaced at some point. Do you have a mechanical ventilation system that is 15 years old or older? Have you noticed that air quality is deteriorating, energy consumption is increasing and/or the system is making more noise? Then it's time to replace your air handling system. Want to know more? Then read more on ‘Replacing a ventilation system’.


Customised maintenance MVHR ventilation

As a ventilation specialist, Intovent is an expert in all fields. For example, do you have a question about the maintenance of the Itho Daalderop mechanical ventilation unit? Would you like to know what the cost  are of cleaning the ventilation system? No matter what your question is, we are here to think with you. Contact us for personal advice from a true ventilation specialist.

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