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Since 1946, Buva has been committed to creating a healthy indoor environment for you, the consumer. A company with Dutch roots and high quality products. Take a look at the Buva EcoStream, an intelligent MVHR unit that ensures optimal air quality in your home.

Looking for MVHR filters for your Buva ventilation system? Then look no further than Intovent. Intovent can help you find the right filters for your type of ventilation system. Select the brand and type of your ventilator and you will see all suitable MVHR filters directly! Replacing your filters will keep your home environment healthy. Change your filters at least twice a year to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

In our product range we have filters for different types of Buva MVHR units:

  • Buva EcoStream (Original) - Filter set Coarse 65%
  • Buva EcoStream (Original) - Pollen filter set Coarse 65% + ePM1 55%

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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