Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay

At Intovent, you can quickly and easily find original Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay filters for various Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay models such as the VL-250, VL-350 and VL-500 unit. The filters are specifically designed to meet the high standards of Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay ventilation systems. Thanks to the streamlined and convenient design of Lossnay units, the filters are easily accessible, allowing them to be removed in no time.

Lossnay filters

Intovent has a wide range of original Lossnay filters for Lossnay ventilation systems. By using new filters with a G4 filter class, you ensure that your Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay unit continues to work perfectly and your home is provided with clean and healthy air. Lossnay MVHR systems are known for their high efficiency. To maintain this efficiency, it is important to change the filters every 6 months.

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