Controllers for ventilation systems

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What is a controller?

Controllers for ventilation systems are electronic devices that regulate and control the operation of a ventilation system. They play a vital role in ensuring that the system operates efficiently and effectively, providing a comfortable and safe indoor environment. 


Why use a controller?

Some of the benefits of using controllers in ventilation systems include improved energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, increased comfort, and more. By efficiently regulating and controlling the operation of the ventilation system, controllers can help to ensure that the system functions at optimum performance levels, resulting in improved indoor air quality and increased comfort for home occupants.

There are several types of controllers available, each designed to meet different needs and requirements.

Installing a controller

Types of controllers

Three-step switch controllers provide manual control over the operation of the ventilation system, allowing the user to choose between three different fan speeds. This type of controller is ideal for simple ventilation systems where manual control is sufficient. The switch is generally available as a surface-mounted or flush-mounted controller.


Radio Frequency (RF) remote controllers use wireless technology to control the operation of the ventilation system, offering greater flexibility and convenience. RF controllers can be controlled remotely, making it easy to adjust the ventilation system from a distance. These controllers also allow you to choose between different fan speeds, and sometimes have an automatic mode. Before purchasing such a controller, make sure that the ventilation unit in your home supports RF functionality. In some cases, it is possible to upgrade your unit with an RF receiver. 


Some controllers incorporate sensors, such as humidity and CO2 sensors, to provide automatic control of the ventilation system based on environmental conditions. These types of controllers are ideal for buildings where indoor air quality is a critical concern, as they can automatically adjust the ventilation system to maintain optimal humidity and CO2 levels.


Please note: some controllers are wireless and some are wired, surface-mounted or flush-mounted. Once installed, remember to connect them to the unit.

Which controller should I choose?

The type of controller you choose will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Three-speed switch controllers are ideal for simple ventilation systems, while RF controllers offer greater flexibility and convenience. Sensors, such as humidity and CO2 sensors, are ideal for buildings where indoor air quality is a critical issue. Whichever type of controller you choose, there are many benefits to using a controller for your ventilation system and it will help to ensure optimum performance.

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