What is an extract air valve?

Ventilation without the removal of polluted air is not possible. That is why you need an exhaust valve or extract air valve. A mechanical ventilation exhaust valve is essential for a healthy indoor environment.

How is an extract air valve used?

An exhaust valve, also known as an extraction air valve and MV valve, is fitted at the end of a duct. Exhaust valves are mainly found in small rooms. An exhaust valve in the ceiling is often sufficient. Extract air valves in kitchens are useful when preparing food and are often used in wet rooms. An exhaust valve in the bathroom helps to keep humidity under control.

What types of extract air valves are there?

Intovent has a range of exhaust valves. You can choose from steel, plastic or designer valves with a wow effect. There are also different mounting options, such as spring clamp or duct. 

Note: always start by selecting the correct diameter.

Exhaust air valve

Quality extract air valves

Although air valves have an aesthetic value, they must first and foremost offer reliable quality. The Intovent range is designed to meet high quality standards. You can be sure of quality with a Zehnder valve, but the same is true for DEC and Interduct exhaust valves. Whichever exhaust valve you choose, you can be sure it will perform well over the long term.

Other types of air valves

Intovent has a solution for every ventilation requirement. That is why you can also come to us for other products, such as a matching supply air valve. Are you looking for other ventilation valves and grilles? We have a wide range so there is always a product to suit your home. 

Purchasing an extract air valve

On this page you will find an up-to-date overview of the exhaust valves that Intovent has in its portfolio. Exhaust valves are available in a variety of designs and specifications. Ordering is easy and returns are free. So you take no risk when buying your exhaust valve.

Extract air valve

Installation and setting of extract air valves

Installing air vents is a do-it-yourself job, but we can do it for you. From installing air vents to cleaning an air duct, our technicians will help you quickly and professionally. The advantage is that the air vents are immediately set correctly, so the ventilation system works optimally. Do you need a technician? Check out what we can do for you in our Services tab.

Questions regarding the extract air valves?

Want to know which exhaust valve is best for your home? Do you have a question about MVHR valves or ventilation in general? Whatever your question, we are here to help. Contact Intovent and discover the possibilities.

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