Isolated T-pieces for ventilation channels

T-pieces make it easy to create a junction in a ventilation duct. This ensures that the air can go in several directions and that your ventilation duct brings the air completely through your home. The 45° or 90° angle of the T-piece allows you to make a multi directional branch in the return air and supply air. The T-piece is easy to fit to your tubes and ducts.


Easily install the T-piece onto the tubes

Installing a T-piece tube is easy and completely tool-free. You plug the airtubes directly onto the T-piece and thereby ensure an optimal ventilation system. Thanks to the handy rubber seal and vapour-proof sealing tapes on Econox T-pieces, the airtubes and the T-piece no longer need to be taped. This ensures proper and solid installation of your ventilation system. Always ensure that the diameter of your spiral duct matches the diameter of the T-piece for the ventilation duct.

Ubbink & Econox T-pieces

Ventilation ducts come in many different diameters, always make sure you buy the right diameter T-piece to match your airducts. Ubbink Aerfoam T-pieces feature insulating material that meets the highest standards. With a range from 125 mm to 180 mm diameter, Intovent offers the largest range of Ubbink T-pieces for your Ubbink pipes. Econox Thermoduct T-pieces feature a high-quality isolation sleeve. Intovent has a range of 125 mm to 200 mm diameter T-pieces for your Econox pipes.

Which T-pieces do I need?

Choosing the right T-fittings is easy because there are few factors to consider:

1.       Determine which airtube you have: look at the brand and type of your tube when doing this

2.       Measure the diameter of the ventilation tube: make sure the diameter of the tube matches the diameter of the T-piece

Save energy costs with isolated T-pieces

The tees are fitted with an insulation sleeve that connects to your insulated air tubes. The insulated T-pieces ensure you have no moisture and no heat loss in your ventilation duct. By using insulated ventilation tube and insulated T-pieces, you will save energy costs and enjoy an optimal ventilation system that will last for years.

Need help or advice?

With Intovent's products, handymen can get started installing covers for your ventilation T-pieces themselves. Not quite there or still have questions? Feel free to contact us for more information and advice.

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