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Good ventilation contributes to good health. That is why ventilation systems must meet high standards - and rightly so. Our specialists know what it takes to make a system work optimally. With their knowledge and experience, they provide advice and design complete ventilation systems. Health, sustainability and comfort are always in balance.

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Which ventilation system is best for my home?

Quality thrives on independence. That is why Intovent is brand independent. As a result, our ventilation solutions are entirely based on customer requirements in combination with technical possibilities. Our advice and designs naturally take into account the requirements of the Building Regulations. Within the regulations, we look for an optimal mix of comfort, energy efficiency, silence, ease of use and ease of maintenance.


Why is good ventilation in the home important?

You don't feel it, you don't see it, but it's there: the air we breathe has a huge impact on our health. And most of that air is indoors. We spend more than 90% of our time indoors, whether we are eating, sleeping, exercising, working (at home) or simply socialising. So there is every reason to keep the indoor environment healthy, and ventilation is an essential part of this.


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