Insulated cover for Spiro tubes

The spiro duct cover ensures that the spiro duct is completely airtight. Thanks to the high-quality insulation and rubber seal, the air in the ventilation duct continues to circulate and the supply and return air functions properly. By using the best quality insulation material on the sealing lids, the ventilation duct does not lose any heat or cold, allowing you to enjoy optimal ventilation in your home.


Save energy costs with insulated lids

The cover cap features a high-quality seal, the rubber sealing edge ensures that the spiro tubes are 100% airtight. The seal and insulation jacket retain the hot and cold air in the ventilation system, preventing air loss. This directly saves energy costs on the ventilation system. The good supply and exhaust of clean air also ensures a fresh and clean living environment.

Econox Thermoduct end cover

The insulated cover for Econox brand spiropipe is suitable for Econox Thermoduct spiropipes. By choosing an original cover from Econox, you will place the matching seal on the ventilation duct. Intovent has a wide range of Econox Thermoduct spiro tube covers. Intovent has 2 types of closure cover for your spiro tube; the complete insulated spiro tube closure or the spiro tube closure with spout where you can attach a spiro tube with smaller diameter.

Easy attachment of spiro tube cover

Attaching a spiro tube cover is easy and done in no time. Put the sealing cap on the spiro tube and push the rubber sealing edge onto the spiro tube. When your spiro tube is tightly sealed by the insulated sealing cap, the ventilation system will continue to function excellently. Always check carefully that the diameter of the spiro tube matches the diameter of the cover.

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With Intovent's products, handymen can get started installing covers for your ventilation ductwork themselves. Not quite there or still have questions? Feel free to contact us for more information and advice.

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