Decentralised MVHR

Heat recovery in one room

A decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) unit, also known as single-room MVHR, is a type of ventilation system designed to supply fresh air to a building while recovering heat from the exhaust air. Unlike centralised MVHR systems, which have a single unit serving the whole building, decentralised systems have individual units installed in each room or zone of the building. This allows more precise control of ventilation and temperature in each room. This is an ideal solution for the renovation market where the installation of a centralised MVHR unit is not possible.

The systems work by continuously exchanging air between the indoor and outdoor environments, recovering heat from the outgoing air to preheat the incoming air. This helps to reduce energy loss and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The systems also filters the incoming air, removing pollutants and improving air quality.



The benefits of decentralised MVHR systems include easier installation, as they do not require complex ductwork, and greater flexibility in terms of room layout and ventilation requirements. They are also often quieter and more energy efficient than centralised MVHR systems.

Overall, decentralised MVHR systems provide a reliable and effective way of improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency in individual rooms or smaller spaces.

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