How often should you have a mechanical ventilation cleaned?

Regular cleaning of a mechanical ventilation system is very important. This is mainly because it keeps the air quality and ventilation optimal. If a mechanical ventilation system is not or insufficiently cleaned, the air quality in the house will deteriorate. But when and how often should a mechanical ventilation system be cleaned? Find out in this blog.

Hoe vaak mechanische ventilatie reinigen

Why clean a mechanical ventilation system?

Optimal air quality is the most important, but certainly not the only reason to have your mechanical ventilation system cleaned on time and consistently. Here are some other reasons why it is good to clean your mechanical ventilation system regularly:

  • Avoids the creation of harbours for viruses and bacteria in the ventilation system;
  • Regular cleaning ensures the lowest possible noise levels, thus reducing noise pollution;
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance contributes to the overall life of the mechanical ventilation system;
  • A clean mechanical ventilation system uses less energy.

How often should a mechanical ventilation system be cleaned?

We recommend an annual unit cleaning for the most common installations and a complete cleaning, including ductwork, every seven years.

Do you have an MVHR system? Then we recommend changing the filters every six months. Even if you change the filters, you will still need maintenance.

There are many types of filters. The finer the filter, the more pollutants you filter out of the air. This makes it harder for harmful substances to enter the home or building.

Signs that it is time for cleaning

The above is general advice. Depending on the use, age, brand, location and type of your ventilation system, you may experience poorer air quality before then.

Several signs can indicate that it is time to clean your ventilation system.

In the following four situations, you should raise the alarm immediately:

  1. You notice a musty smell in your home or building;
  2. You experience high humidity in your home or building;
  3. You have discovered mould growth somewhere;
  4. You are experiencing physical symptoms similar to an allergy, such as burning eyes and excessive sneezing.

Would you like to have your mechanical ventilation system cleaned? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

Proceedings cleaning the mechanical ventilation system

When we clean a mechanical ventilation system, there are a number of specific tasks involved.

Below, you can read about what we can do:

  • Dry cleaning fan motors;
  • Dry cleaning ventilation systems;
  • Control bearings;
  • Controle fixing points and general visual inspection;
  • Cleaning and resizing of flexible joints;
  • Cleaning grilles/valves;
  • Cleaning the ductwork directly behind the grille/valve;
  • Cleaning the ductwork;
  • Recalibration of the entire installation, including preparation of a measurement report;
  • Providing a report of findings.

In the case of an MVHR system, we will also check and, if necessary, clean the heat exchanger(s). We also replace the filters. If required, we can adapt and/or extend the above work at any time to suit the situation.

Do not clean the mechanical ventilation yourself! 

Wij raden het ten zeerste af om bovenstaande reinigingswerkzaamheden zelf uit te voeren. Het is absoluut geen kwestie van een stofzuiger of bezem door je luchtkanalen halen. Hier heb je specifieke apparatuur en ervaring voor nodig.

Om te voorkomen dat jouw werk meer kwaad dan goed doet aan je ventilatiesysteem, adviseren we je contact op te nemen met een professional.

Want to know more?

We are happy to provide tailored maintenance advice for any mechanical ventilation system. Our specialists will then ensure timely maintenance to avoid unnecessary repairs or premature replacement. 

After reading this blog, if you still have questions about the maintenance and cleaning of ventilation systems do not hesitate to contact us.

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