Leaving mechanical ventilation on during a holiday or absence?

A ventilation system has no on-off button on the unit or controls, and for good reason. This is because a ventilation system should never be switched off (except during maintenance). As a result, your mechanical ventilation should always remain on, even during a holiday or prolonged absence. Read more about how you can confidently leave your ventilation on while you are on holiday immediately.


Harmful consequences when turning off a ventilation system

A healthy indoor climate is extremely important; a ventilation system works continuously to provide your home with a healthy and fresh indoor climate. When the ventilation system is off during your holidays, you give free rein to all the harmful effects on your home such as moisture problems, mould and unhealthy indoor air.

Without a working ventilation system, moisture will remain in your home, this moisture will accumulate and look for an exit, causing it to settle in the walls, ceilings and furniture. The result is hefty moisture problems and stubborn patches of mould. This is unhealthy not only for your own health but also for your home.

Save energy costs by running the ventilation system at the lowest setting during holidays

When the air is not changed, an unfiltered and stale air remains in your home. To ventilate away this stale air when you return from your holiday, you have to run your ventilation system on a higher setting which will cost you more energy than leaving your ventilation system on during the holiday.

The best advice is to let the ventilation system operate at the lowest setting (Setting 1). In this way, when you return from your holiday, you will enjoy a well-ventilated house with healthy indoor air and not let the system work unnecessarily hard.

Tip for MVHR-units with app control: Some MVHR-units can be controlled remotely by means of a handy app. This way, while you are relaxing on the beach or holidaying, you adjust the setting of your ventilation system to the lowest and suitable setting.

Tip for MVHR-units with holiday mode: Some MVHR-units such as a Buva MVHR-unit have a special holiday mode on the control. To activate the holiday mode on your Buva WTW system, push the 1st button (with coffee icon) for at least 2 seconds, after which the 4 LEDs flash 2 times.

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