Choosing the right ventilation box: tips and considerations

A good ventilation box is essential for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate in your home. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right ventilation box. In this blog we look at some of the important considerations when choosing the right ventilation box.

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What should you look out for?

There are a number of factors to consider. Here are our top five tips in a nutshell:

Tip 1. One-to-one replacement

In some cases you may want to replace an existing ventilation box with a new one. It is useful to look for a box that allows a 1:1 replacement. This means that the new box will have the same dimensions and connections as the old one, making installation easier. Check the specifications of the new box to confirm that it is a direct replacement.

Tip 2. Capacity

The capacity of the air handling unit determines how much air it can extract and supply. It is important to determine the required capacity based on the size of the room and the intended ventilation purpose. Make sure that the unit you choose has enough capacity to work effectively in your particular situation.

Tip 3. Connection

When choosing a new air handling unit, it is important to buy one with the right connection. Ventilation boxes have different connections, such as left or right and round or rectangular. Make sure that the connection of the new box matches the existing ventilation ducts in your home.

When installing a ventilation box, you should also consider the electrical connection. Some ventilation boxes require a Perilex plug, while others use a standard earther plug. Check the specifications of the ventilation box and make sure it is compatible with your electrical connection.

Tip 4. Noise level

The noise level of a box can be an important factor in your decision making, especially if it is to be installed in a living area. Pay attention to the decibel (dB) level indicated and choose a ventilation box with a noise level that suits your personal preference and comfort. With a one-to-one replacement, you can be sure that the new technology will make the unit quieter than what you are used to. Comfort right away!

Tip 5. Energy consumption

An energy efficient ventilation box can help to reduce energy costs. Consider the energy consumption of the unit and choose an energy efficient model. Look at the energy class and power rating of the unit to make an informed decision.

Need help choosing?

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