I want a ventilation system in my home: which one will suit me best?

When considering installing or replacing a ventilation system in your home, there are certain decisions to be made. In this blog we will try to guide you through the process as clearly as possible.


Type of ventilation system

There are different types of ventilation systems available, such as MVHR systems and MV systems. MVHR (heat recovery) systems have the advantage of recovering heat from the exhaust air, which helps to reduce energy costs. MV (mechanical ventilation or residential fan) systems are usually cheaper to buy and install and do not require insulated ducts to distribute the air. 

Please note: Upgrading an MV system to an MVHR system is not a simple task. It may mean replacing the entire ductwork behind the walls. A better solution may be to install a decentralised MVHR unit in the living room or bedroom and combine it with the MV system for the rest of the house.

Once you have chosen between a MVHR or MV system, the next step is to choose between:

  • Earthed or Perilex plug?
  • A built-in or upgradeable CO2 and/or humidity sensor?
  • A ventilation system for high-rise or low-rise installation?


Capacity of the ventilation system

The capacity of the ventilation system is an important consideration as it determines how much air the system can move. It is important to choose a system that provides sufficient air movement for the size of the space in which it is installed. The required ventilation capacity can be found in the building regulations. You can also contact us for advice.


Noise levels

Another important consideration when choosing a ventilation system is the noise levels. A ventilation system is not completely silent. If you are sensitive to noise in your home, choose a quieter system. If you already have a ventilation system and are looking to replace it, we recommend that you choose the same brand. With the development of technology, it will already be quieter than you are used to. 


Maintenance and cleaning

Finally, it is important to maintain and clean your ventilation system. Both MVHR and MV systems require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure optimum operation and maintain air quality in the building.

Do you still have questions after reading this blog? We invite you to have a look at our FAQ. Is the answer not there? Please contact customer services.

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