Cleaning or replacing ventilation grilles?

Everyone wants fresh, healthy indoor air and to save energy costs. By regularly cleaning the air vents in and around your home and especially by keeping them clean, you can quickly ensure a healthy indoor climate. Read more about the importance of a clean ventilation grid and discover how you could have already cleaned your grid in the time it took to read this blog.

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Get a good ventilation system and save energy costs immediately

The ventilation grille outside your home works hard to filter the air from outside of dirty and unwanted substances. It also filters the humidity from inside to outside, preventing moisture from lingering in the home. A clean and optimally functioning ventilation grille guarantees a good ventilation system which in turn ensures fresh and clean indoor air in your home. This makes an exterior wall grille and its cleaning very important.

A well-functioning ventilation system keeps more warm and fresh air in the house, saving you a lot of energy costs every month. Ideal right?

When should I clean my ventilation grilles?

Cleaning the external grille is extremely important. To ensure the proper functioning of the grille, we recommend cleaning the external facade grille at least twice a year. You can always check yourself whether the grille needs cleaning or replacement. By unscrewing the grille and checking for dust or other unwanted objects, you will immediately know whether you need to clean the grille or whether it can continue to function for a while without a refreshment.

How do I clean my facade grille?

Cleaning your ventilation grid is very easy and also done in no time. All you need is a screwdriver, brush or hoover and a damp cloth. We explain step by step how to clean a ventilation grill.

1.       Take the screwdriver and carefully unscrew the screws from the grille

2.       Remove the air grille from the wall (watch out for any detached residue)

3.       Clean the ventilation grille with a hoover or carefully brush it off on all sides

4.       Dampen a cloth with water and polish off any remaining dirt thoroughly

5.       Screw the ventilation grille back in place with the screws.

Hint: never use chemical cleaners to clean your grills. This will prevent chemical unhealthy indoor air.

Ventilation grille in need of replacement?

Is the grille too dirty to clean or does it need replacement after many years of operation? At Intovent, you have the largest choice of ventilation grilles. From functional facade grilles, bulb grilles to trendy design grilles, Intovent offers a wide selection. When ordering your new ventilation grilles, always check carefully that the dimensions of your old grille match those of Intovent's air grilles.

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