How can I maintain my MVHR-unit?

We spend as much as 70% of our time in our home. For good health of yourself and your home, you would like to enjoy fresh and purified indoor air. For this, the air quality in your home should be perfect, and the contribution of your MVHR unit is of great importance. Read more directly about the importance of maintaining your MVHR system and Intovent's maintenance services.


Maintenance of MVHR system at Intovent

To ensure well ventilated air, your MVHR system should be properly maintained. Over time, you should have your MVHR cleaned, your filters may need replacing or the MVHR ducts should be cleaned.

Our technicians are happy to keep your MVHR system in top condition. After a service by our service and maintenance engineer, your MVHR system will work perfectly again and you will immediately experience benefits such as saving energy costs and having clean indoor air in your home.

Possibilities of maintenance MVHR system

At Intovent, we offer various maintenance options for your MVHR-units. Do you opt for a one-off service or would you rather have your MVHR system serviced periodically by our professionals?

One-off maintenance of MVHR unit

If you want to have your MVHR unit cleaned once, you can choose from 3 different maintenance services

Tip: Would you and your neighbours like to have a MVHR system serviced at the same time? Benefit from a collective discount of up to 20% on your servicing.

Maintenance subscription for your MVHR unit

Would you rather have your MVHR system serviced periodically? Then choose a comprehensive maintenance subscription to ensure an always optimally functioning ventilation system.

Replace your MVHR filters every 6 months

The filters in your MVHR unit filter out bacteria, pollen and unwanted substances from your home. To ensure perfect filtering of the heat recovery system, it is best to change the MVHR-filters every 6 months. The filters are easy to change yourself and can be ordered directly from Intovent. View our full range of MVHR-filters here.