What is the importance of mechanical ventilation?

Proper ventilation is essential. Poor ventilation poses health risks such as: headaches, irritated eyes or respiratory complaints. Proper mechanical ventilation can also help prevent mould growth in your home and remove cooking and other odours more quickly. But what exactly is mechanical ventilation?


What is mechanical ventilation?

Homes are better insulated nowadays. Where fresh air used to come in through seams and cracks, these are now sealed. As a result, there is an increasing need to provide homes and properties with mechanical ventilation. A mechanical ventilation system is a system that is installed centrally in the house. Through a ventilation unit and connected ventilation ducts, polluted air is extracted at certain points in your home. These mechanical extraction points - equipped with ventilation grilles - are often located in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The system is often controlled by a controller in the kitchen. Increasingly, humidity and CO2 sensors are also integrated to control the system. Fresh, clean air is drawn back in through windows and ventilation grilles in the glass or façade. This is called mechanical ventilation.

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The alternative: balanced ventilation

A lot of heat is lost with mechanical extraction. This is because the (warm) polluted air is replaced by (cold) fresh and clean outside air. A good alternative is a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery (MVHR). In this system, air is extracted from the home at the same points as in the mechanical ventilation system. In addition, the air is supplied to the living areas (living room, bedroom and sometimes the kitchen) through air vents connected to the installation through the ductwork. A balanced ventilation system with an MVHR installation 'reuses' this heat. Before the polluted air is exhausted, it passes through a heat exchanger which preheats the incoming air. An MVHR system is therefore a good alternative for improving the indoor climate and saving energy. The control of these systems is the same as for other ventilation systems.

Benefits of mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilation brings some benefits:

  1. Permanent ventilation
  2. Always provide with fresh and clean air
  3. Less risk of health problems
  4. Reduced energy costs

Maintain and clean your mechanical ventilation

If you have a ventilation system in your home or work environment, it needs to be cleaned so that it can continue to provide healthy, fresh air. Over time, the ventilation system can become so dirty that there is no longer clean air coming in, or the ventilation capacity is greatly reduced due to pollution.

When and how often should a mechanical ventilation system be cleaned? The specialists at Intovent can help you with the maintenance and cleaning of your ventilation system.

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