Installing a window fan

Some jobs are perfect for do-it-yourselfers. Installing a window fan is no different. If you get the right tools and take your time to avoid rushing it, it can be done in no time at all.


How does a window fan work?

No healthy indoor climate without ventilation. Ventilation helps to replace polluted air with fresh air. Where there is no room for ventilation ducts, a window fan offers a solution. A major advantage of a window fan is its ability to refresh a lot of air in a short time. This makes the window fan suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, for example. A window fan provides both supply and exhaust air. Good to know: there are also window fans that allow you to switch between the two functions (i.e. exhaust only or supply only). This is also known as 'reverse function'.

How do you install a window fan?

Installing a window fan is not complicated, but there are things to consider. So what should you be aware of when installing a window fan? Whatever type of window fan you have, the following five steps always apply:

  • Step 1: determine where the window fan will be located.
  • Step 2: make a hole in the window in the right place. When doing so, make sure the dimensions are correct.
  • Step 3: now you can install a window fan by placing it in the hole.
  • Step 4: attach the inside to the outside (screw connection).
  • Step 5: check that the window fan is securely fastened and test its operation.

Tips for installing a window fan

Is it time for you to start installing a window ventilator yourself? Then keep the following advice in mind:

  1. To install a window fan, you do not need air ducts. This gives you flexibility: you can basically place the window ventilator wherever you want. However, it is important to mount the window fan as high as possible. In one of the corners, top left or top right, is therefore usually preferred.

  2. The higher, the better: this is the motto when installing a window fan. In an average house, this is good advice, but with above-average-sized windows, there is another argument to consider: is the window fan accessible? A good window fan needs little attention, but as with any appliance, regular maintenance will extend its life. So it is useful to have easy access to a window fan.

  3. Make sure you get the right type of window fan. An attractive design adds value, but it is even more important that the window fan meets expectations in terms of functional performance. In other words, does the fan have enough capacity? For example, a bathroom requires a different flow rate (ventilation capacity) than a living room.

Want to know more about window fans?

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Professional installation window fan

At Intovent we like to make things easy. Handymen can get to grips with our products easily, thanks in part to the instructions that come with them and our instructional videos. But it can be even easier, because with our services you can be completely free of worries. You can hire our technicians for a variety of tasks. For example, duct cleaning and maintenance or replacement of your ventilation system. To find out more, take a look at our services or contact us directly.