Choosing the right maintenance? This is how you do it!

A ventilation system is there for your comfort and convenience. If all goes well, you will hardly notice that your system is working to maintain the indoor climate in your home. So you can forget about having it looked at. However, it is important to maintain the system regularly to ensure that it continues to work properly for a long time.


Did your new home come with a ventilation system, or have you always had one in your home and can't remember the last time it was serviced?

Then it's time to schedule a service!

Choosing the right maintenance package can also have a positive effect on the energy consumption of your system. As a bonus to an optimally functioning ventilation system.


Which ventilation system do I have?

To start with, a quick check: what kind of ventilation system do you have in your home? There are, in fact, two types:

  1. a mechanical ventilation (MV)
  2. a heat recovery unit (MVHR)


There are several characteristics by which you can tell which ventilation system you have in your home:

The size of the box
If the box is not much bigger than an average microwave oven, you have a mechanical ventilation box. Is the box much bigger? Then you have an MVHR unit at home.

The valves
Do you only have valves in wet rooms such as the kitchen, toilet, and bathroom? Then you have mechanical ventilation.
Do you also have valves in other rooms such as the bedroom, living room, and study? Then you have a heat recovery unit.

The filters
Do you have filters in your ventilation system? Then you have an MVHR unit. A mechanical ventilation system does not have filters.


Which maintenance is needed?

The following applies to all ventilation systems:

  • Annually: basic cleaning (optional)
  • Biennial: extensive maintenance (mostly chosen)
  • After 7 or 8 years: having the ducts cleaned (Intovent advises)

Mechanical ventilation (MV)

  • Basis cleaning (15-30min)
  • Extensive maintenance (30-45min)
  • All-in = including ducts (45-60 min)

The maintenance of an MVHR unit usually requires a bit more time because it has more components and more ducts connected than an MV:

  • Basis cleaning (20-30min)
  • Extensive maintenance (40-65min)
  • All-in = including ducts (75-90 min)

In addition to regular maintenance options, we also offer probiotic maintenance. These are cleaning and protection products with a unique composition of good bacteria. This makes them more effective in fighting superbugs. For this reason, probiotic products make an important contribution to the maintenance of your unit.

Please note: with an MVHR unit, the filters should also be changed at least twice a year (+/- every 6 months). This is easy to do yourself.


Good air quality

To ensure the quality of your air, it is wise to opt for regular maintenance by a professional. With a service subscription, you do not have to worry about this yourself. 

If after reading this blog you still have questions about the maintenance and cleaning of ventilation systems, do not hesitate to contact us.