Spiral duct bend Ø 80 mm 90°

Round bend 90° | Rubber seal

  • Guaranteed airtight
  • Simple installation


Are you planning on adding or replacing a ventilation system to your existing home? Then you need ducts and the right fittings with which to extract the polluted air and let fresh, clean air back in. Use a spiro duct bend to tailor your ventilation system. Ideal for installing a ventilation system in a bend or corner.

All our spiro ducts and galvanised fittings, including this spiro duct bend, meet the highest airtightness quality standards, class D. This is thanks to a rubber seal. Interduct is the brand of this steel spiral duct bend. This spiro duct bend has a diameter of Ø 80 mm and a bend angle of 90 degrees. In our product range you will find bends from 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees with a diameter of 80 mm.

By using the spiro duct bend in our product range, equipped with a rubber seal, you can assemble a ventilation system, and perfectly seal it as needed. Ordering a 90° bend online? Intovent is the webshop for you! At Intovent, you can quickly order your spiro ducts and fittings online.


Intovent article number ITV010326
Manufacturer item number BX9.80
Brand Interduct
Material duct Steel
Nominal duct diameter (mm) 80
With pre-mounted seal Yes
Bend model Smooth bend
Bend angle (°) 90
Bend radius (number x D) 1
Insert length (mm) 35
Air tightness class according to EN 1751 D

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