A healthy indoor environment with the help of an air purifier

In areas where long-term concentration is extra required such as office spaces, schools or even in the car, fresh and healthy indoor air is extra important. Unfiltered indoor air is full of concentration of particulate matter that are not only harmful to your indoor space or office space, but also to your own health. Fresh air, on the other hand, increases oxygen levels in the room, which gives you better and longer-lasting concentration as well as more energy. Healthy air therefore has a direct influence on your work and learning performance.

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How can I ventilate my indoor spaces without a ventilation system?

When there is no ventilation system or mechanical ventilation in the building, an air purifier is the perfect solution. An air purifier draws in the unfiltered indoor air and filters it by means of a HEPA filter (filters 99% of the fine dusts such as viruses) and a UV lamp, which breaks down and eliminates the fine dusts so that they do not remain in the air purifier itself.

The air purifier is easily movable and can be placed in any room. This makes the air purifier flexible and suitable for any situation.

Which air purifier is suitable for my situation?

Air purifiers are available in different sizes. When choosing the right air purifier, it is important to consider the desired area to be ventilated.

Air purifier suitable for 38m³

The Rensair Air Bubbl 38 is the ideal choice for rooms with a volume of 38m³. Extra suitable as ventilation in a car, study, work room or garage.

Air purifier suitable for 460m³

The Rensair Compact 460i is the ideal choice for rooms with a capacity of 460m³. Extra suitable as ventilation in an office space, classroom, logistics hall or warehouse.

Air purifier suitable for 560m³

The Rensair Compact 560 is the ideal choice for rooms with a capacity of 560m³. Extra suitable as ventilation in a large office space, large classrooms, logistics hall or warehouse.

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Air purifier filters up to 99% of particulates

The air purifiers are equipped with a HEPA filter and UV lamp, which filter the unhealthy stale indoor air to ensure a healthy indoor environment. The indoor air is extracted and filtered directly by a HEPA 13 filter. A HEPA 13 filter is classified as one of the highest filter classes and capable of filtering 99% of harmful particulate matter such as pollen, viruses (covid) and mold from the indoor air.

The harmful particles that are filtered are then eliminated and broken down by a UV lamp. The UV light emits an internal UV beam in the direction of the deactivated substances so that they do not remain in the air purifier itself. The UV lamp has an internal effect so that no UV rays are released outside the air cleaner.

Please note: The HEPA filter and the UV lamp should be replaced after 5,000 hours of operation (approximately 12 months) to continue to give optimum performance of the air purifier. View the range of replacement products for air purifiers here.

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