Spiral duct flat spigot Ø 150 mm

Angle 90° | Rubber seal

  • Guaranteed airtight
  • Simple installation


A spiro duct flat spigot made of galvanised steel is ideal for creating a ventilation system. Airflow is not impeded by a flat inner wall, allowing ventilation to work optimally. The saddle creates a branch from the air duct.

With a rubber seal (safe), this spiro duct flat spigot has the excellent airtightness class D. This steel spiro duct flat spigot, from Interduct, has a diameter of Ø 150 mm.

You easily mount and lock to the ventilation system with the flat spigot from our collection. Ordering a flat spigot online? Intovent is the webshop for you! At Intovent, you can quickly order your spiro ducts and fittings online.


Intovent article number ITV011106
Manufacturer item number ILX9.150
Brand Interduct
Material Steel
Material quality Other
Surface protection Hot-dip galvanized
Nominal duct diameter (mm) 150
Surface protection Hot-dip galvanised

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