Extraction system in the house

Intovent understands better than anyone else the importance of a good indoor climate in the home. If polluted air remains in the house, it is not only bad for the condition of the house, but also for your own health. That is why we regularly install extraction systems in homes.

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Why is a good extraction system in a home important?

We spend a lot our lives indoors. Therefore, you want the air quality in your home to be good, right?

The air in a home can become seriously polluted with dust and moisture. If this polluted air is not properly extracted, it can lead to mould, odours and even permanent health problems. Natural ventilation through windows and doors is not always enough to remove polluted air from a home.

Especially in new-build homes that are well insulated, it can be difficult to extract the air. A well-functioning extraction system in the home is therefore very important.

The advantages of an extraction system

An air extraction system is essential in a home and should be installed in a central location. From this point, the rooms in the house can be automatically ventilated. As an extract system is usually a mechanical ventilation system, it also ensures that there is sufficient fresh air from outside.

In addition to the automatic supply of clean air, an exhaust system in the home has other benefits:

  • Less noise compared to individual fans
  • Less energy consumption, saving you money
  • Provides better ventilation than natural ventilation when installed and used correctly
  • Automatically provides a healthy indoor climate

Extraction system installation by Intovent

A well-functioning extraction system starts with the installation. When Intovent measures and installs your home ventilation system, you are assured of quality. Our ventilation specialists are passionate about a healthy and sustainable indoor environment and have the knowledge and experience to help.

No two homes are the same. That is why we look at your needs and always come up with a suitable solution. Good to know: we are brand-independent. This ensures that you only get the right extraction system for your home, perfectly suited to your needs.

Extraction system cleaning and maintenance

Because service is our priority, you can also come to us for cleaning and maintenance of your ventilation systems. We make sure your extraction system stays in top condition. So you can enjoy fresh air in your home for years to come.

Read more about our maintenance services on our website.

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